Last weekend I missed the wonderful opportunity to go see the CGI-fest that was X-men III because I was in Alabama. The image that everyone is conguring is probably not far from being wrong. I enjoy it because it is a complete 180 from what I spend the rest of my life doing. It gives me a chance to relax and unwind. I took the camera with me and snapped some photos:

The upper-left hand corner is Robert and Kathrine enjoying the stock penguin games on my laptop. Upper right is my dad and cousin Michelle sitting with my mom and cousin Phyllis (the latter two not seen) outside on the deck. Bottom-left is the hammock that my brother is testing after I fell out the other day. The rope snapped on me (yeah, about that diet)… Bottom-right is Michelle’s kid, Adam.

I found that my Dance Dance Metal mat was delivered by the time that I got back. The experience (yes go ahead and laugh) is far superior than the bundled pads that come with the game. If I lose a song, I know it is me now, instead of wondering if it was the mat. My scores have really improved. Kristin is even taken the hobby back up in her spare time.

We have finally decided on Mexico as our honeymoon destination after some difficulties with the Timeshare system that my parents donated to us. Now I have been tasked with a Gift Registry, and selecting music and vowes for the occassion.

I have found myself slipping back into the “reactive” state at work where I feel stressed instead of managed. I think that a lot of it has to do with my location. As a grand social experiment, I will be fully utilizing the space of a fellow supervisor’s office while she is out for a month. Maybe I can really get into some tasks instead of uneffectively batting at the surface of the million things that I am supposed to be doing. Sometimes I feel like I need another vacation again, and so soon after the one I just took.

See everyone that is going tommorrow morning at Rusans.


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  1. John says:

    Hope you can figure out a way to get out of that reactive state. I have been in it for close to 2 months now and for some reason cannot seem to get out of it. It is like I am in a funk at work. Oh, and what is the vaca… ti.. on thing you speak of? Do they whipe your plate clean at work so you can start over? Cause I want one of those if so 🙂


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