So it turns out that the Audigy 4 for $20 was too good to come with no strings attached. The card appears to install, and play audio normally, except there is no sound. I will have to check with some folks about that one. I found it a bit humorous to note that Creative now seems to have done a 180 on their policy of no drivers hosted on the website. For those of you who do not know my history with Creative, I have never had any luck. In addition to what I would consider false advertisement on a AC3 passthrough feature that I could never get to work they had the world’s worst policy on obtaining the drivers for the product. They required you to send $12 to cover shipping both ways for them to send you a CD with the drivers on it. It was also illegal for any other websites to host these drivers. I am happy to see that change.

Well well, another day another defeat. Back to Oblivion…


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