This week begins my grueling “between-the-semester” 8 to 5 shifts. I know that this is what the rest of the world works, but it is such as shock to my system. Half my day feels like it is done and I am thinking about lunch when I would just be getting to work before. A few more weeks is all I have to last though.

I think that DDR is dead for me for a while. I have absolutely stomped the mats for everything they were worth. I have moved on to other, less healthy, video games. I am really enjoying Mark’s advice on getting Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. It takes the gameplay from Sands of Time, and improves everything.

Matt came over Wednesday night and we hung out for a while. Always good to see him, which isn’t often. He brought me his copy of the Serial Lane Experiments to watch. Intersting concept, if anyone has watched this. I am only on episode 5 though.

For those that have seen the new trends section on Google, I have include a link for something that is interesting at a glance. It is a chart of several operating systems, one without Windows in the mix, and the other with. It seems like all of India does nothing all day but search for Windows (possibly tech support?) hmm…

It looks like I won’t be taking Summer semester classes as I had originally planned. After I went through the trouble of paying for 6 parking tickets this month, the classes that I was interested in taking are either 1) not offered in the Summer 2) need prerequesits that are not offered in the Summer 3) MTWR classes (2 hours each


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