I figure I will keep the dying blog community that I knew alive for a little longer. Kristin and I just got back from our Alabama vacation. The first night was a little rough because of a few conditions. I was sick from pollen or drainage or something and was nauseated for most of the night with frequent trips to the bathroom. After I took some medicine and stabilized, we went to the town for groceries. On the way back we got lost in the pitch dark of Alabama country on an overcast night. We almost ended up in a ditch thanks to Kristin’s driving skills 🙂 (Actually it was the assholes in pickup trucks) and missed our turn to the house. When we got back we were greeted by the other inhabitants of the house. We combated a few dozen roaches and won. Knowing that for each one we saw and killed there were probably 10 more with a vendetta on us, we made our way to bed. During this time severe thunderstorms moved into our area. I found myself living a longtime fear of being in a trailer during tornado ready conditions.

Needless to say, the rest of the vacation was definitely an improvement! I woke up to coffee and blueberry muffins several times. We went fishing, watched movies, cooked BBQ, had some drinks, sat out on the swing, and really spent some much needed time together. The weather the rest of the trip was perfect too!

We came back to meet my cousin Joe, home from Iraq at my parents house. We had a nice family dinner and caught up on each other’s events. I haven’t seen him since I was in high school.

Well, tomorrow I return to reality for another four days. Classes are ending soon, and a burden will be lifted…


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