Ubuntu posting, ye be warned…

I am excited to say that I have finally gotten the Xgl and compiz software installed and working on my laptop. This has been problematic with an ATI card (to say the least). The results are so fun, that I find myself laughing out loud which is something I haven’t done with my computer in a long time. I mention this for a reason (below):

I recently made the resolution to switch more to Windows (while I am at work) in an effort to be more productive. I have had a lot of headache lately trying to get stuff to work that just isn’t meant to be. I am sure everyone at the HUB runnning a non-Windows OS is aware of the Windows-only obstacles that can’t be overcome without policy change. I just can’t seem to stay in my “box” however, as the development seems to be so stale in comparison. The technology I mentioned earlier was just realeased in February. I am already running it, and enjoying the fruits of a community’s labor. Yes it can be a pain, but it is worth it to me. Maybe one day I will find a field where I can fuse my hobby with my work.

On the home front, I am planning on taking a much needed vacation soon with my Fiance some time in April (I hope). I am looking forward to Summer and Fall, when I will no longer be a bachelor!

If I haven’t been to your blog in a while, then I am sorry. I am at an evaluation phase in my life where my priorities are rapidly changing. You haven’t been forgotten though… I promise to visit soon!


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