I’m a Dapper Dan Man…

Finally something that I have done that you probably havent. I got curious (read that as greedy) Friday and decided to upgrade to the exciting and unstable development branch of what will be known as Dapper Drake. I am happy to report the following changes at a glance:

20 second boot!! (this is still with starting things I don’t use such as the RAID controllers, etc)
Evolution 2.6 (hopefully with more stability than 2.4)
Very likely inclusion of Gnome 2.14 – the Searchable Gnome
more info here
discussion here
Libraries to support Beagle 2.1, Deskbar search
more info here
Libraries to support Xgl software (OpenGL accelerated desktop)
more info here
Gnome power manager (gives better power management options)
Cleaner menus
Several new applications

I am still experimenting around with the Xgl stuff just for fun, but it could turn out to be very practical. There are still some rough edges to polish up before its final release in April. I am so excited…


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