A feature on my laptop that I never really used much of is Suspend. I have gotten impatient with the startup times lately (like when I just need the computer for a minute) so I gave this functionality a try. In this mode, my machine looses less than 1% battery life per hour. So, with a full battery, I could theoretically keep the machine in standby for close to a week before I have to worry about plugging in back in. I wonder how a Windows / OS X operating systems compare. Not that I have gone a week without using my laptop in years…


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  1. James Sumners says:

    When a PowerBook goes to “sleep,” that is you close the lid, it only powers the RAM and a LED on the lid button. The newest PowerBooks, with the larger screen resolution, have a suspend to disk mode which should cut the power consumption even more. Though, that takes longer to power back on. The default suspend to RAM mode is very quick. If I didn’t have my machine configured to prompt for my password upon waking, it would be awake and ready to use in a blink. I have never seen any other machine execute sleep mode as well, and consistent, as my PowerBook. Windows machines usually lock up when waking and it was too much of a PIA to get a Linux machine to do it at all.


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