Firefox version 2 is scheduled to include an inline spell-checker as one of its many new features! what will they think of next? I seriously have a point to make from this though. I am frustrated to see that lot of Linux software, generally speaking, is structured after its Windows counterparts. I think that it is absolutely idiotic to structure a program after an existing program that sucks just because it is what people are used to running. I am delighted to see what can be accomplished by thinking OUTSIDE of the box and writing new software that interacts with users in different and hopefully better ways. I guess what has set me off lately has been the number of options that I have seen being crammed into context menus (as their only location).

I would challenge to the Linux developers that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. So be careful what you are being inspired from.



  1. John says:

    An inline spell checker is an awsome new feature. It seems that Firefox is learning from the Apple camp. Both seem to take simple items and functionality that are not in one app and wrap them together to make a killer app that afterwards everyone says, damn, where has this been? I can’t wait to see what all Firefox 2 will do. It is by far the best open source app I have used. It is also the only one I actually recommend to family.


  2. Mr Frosti says:

    I have recommended Thunderbird to several people as well. Mozilla is just an awesome organization. Other open source apps I have recommended have been the GIMP, and Gaim. Everyone loves Mplayer when they see it on my machine, but the support for it just isn’t there for Windows. You seem to have read between my lines John 🙂


  3. John says:

    I guess there is a first time for everything 🙂


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