Meet my new pet – I call it the Liger

I really (selfishly) enjoyed myself this weekend. I am pretty sure that I didn’t do anything productive between Friday at 5:00PM, and Monday at 11:30AM. It was awesome. Kristin has a new job a the Zoo where she is a supervisor for children on overnight visits and she went to her orientation Saturday. Rather than loathe in self-pity alone, I visited John and Anna. I enjoyed the Mexican food (at the second place) and the drinks. I swear I don’t remember threatening your life with a bottle of Windex, but I am sure stranger things have happened. I really did enjoy myself, as always.

In other news, Black and White 2 has me in its grips. It has been a while since a game has been so far different from anything else that I actually crave it. Sadly, with classes tommorow and closing tonight I will have no time to play it. EVERYONE should checkout this game. I really wish the people at Lionhead studios designed software or Operating Systems like how they designed that game. If you want an explaination of that, ask me about it, cause I don’t feel like typing up a discertation.

Speaking of discertations – I have noticed something about several of the people that I have had problems with at the Service Counter. They are close to the same age, same gender, and have dependents. I am addressing a group that has been called the “Security Moms”. When someone can’t access their voicemail, or use their computer, or print a paper it affects their jobs. Their job feeds their kids, and the helpdesk is seen as the key to keeping that job. That puts me in a position of people feeling they need to threaten me to safeguard their career and support their family. This isn’t to say that every “Security Mom” is a problem, or that every problem is a “Security Mom”, just an observation about some. I really respect a person that works against the grain to provide for their family.

I would like to say that I am not perfect, and I can understand their frustration, but they are overlooking the point that I am on THEIR side. I am proud to say that I don’t work for a faceless organization that passes people around until they lose hope. I work for an organization that is a dying breed – a helpdesk that is truly concerned for its clients.



  1. Johnathon says:

    Well, we had a blast on Saturday too. I bet you never order tamalis again! =P I’m real sorry Kristin couldn’t come. We should set something up for this weekend for all four of us. Anna had mentioned bowling – is that something you guys would be interested in Friday or Sunday, after Kristin is off? Let me know!


  2. Mr Frosti says:

    Actually, I really loved the tamales I ordered. Between chips and 27 ounces of liquor I just didn’t have room. I wouldn’t hesitate to get them again.


  3. Bellona says:

    Actually, my title is Overnight Education Instructor. It’s not a supervisor position, I just teach a class to kids. And I think you have been making plenty of time to play B&W sir so I don’t think you should be whining about that.


  4. Jeff says:

    We’ll totally dedicate a plaque to you, and possibly give you a cape for belonging to such a noble profession. Also, just how dieing is your breed? ‘cuz I mean, if it’s that big of a problem, can’t we just put you on the endangered species list and seek government protection?


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