Ah the three day weekend!

I have really enjoyed my time off these last few days. It is a much needed break from the business of the HUB. All in all, the Service Counter was pretty smooth this semester, however personally I have been undertaking a lot. I am back in classes, and after dropping an advanced Frence course that I couln’d understand a damn word of, I find myself left in World History, Music Appreciation (read that as easy Humanities credit) and my Internship (again)

Points to the IT department again for scheduling the internship orientation at the same time as a Math class. I haven’t seen any reason to look back after transferring to another school yet.

My machine is finally fixed (for those that knew it was broken). It seems to be the curse that I can fix anyone’s machine except my own. The problem piece ended up being a CD-RW drive that was giving I/O errors. I would have never known with out a Knoppix disc with some helpful output (rather than a “General Hardware Failure” message – thanks Microsoft)

Kristin and Myself tagged along with my family yesterday to watch David Copperfield. I always see televised magic shows and think “If I were there, I could figure out how the trick worked”. I watched for an hour and a half and couldn’t tell you a damn thing about how any of his tricks worked. That is why he is the best I guess. I had fun though, and I am happy that Kristin and my family are both alive, and no one has a black eye. I dare say she even enjoyed herself.

Well, everyone enjoy what is left of this much appreciated 3-day weekend, and I will see you in the trenches come Tuesday morning (well, afternoon for me).

*EDIT: I should also say, as I always forget – that we had a great time with John and Anna this weekend as well. The Gift just wouldn’t have been as scary without them (because of the volume). And the tacos were delicious.



  1. John says:

    That is all I could say everytime I saw David Copperfield. He is truely amazing. Some of the “smaller” tricks he does out in the audience are the best. I was two rows from where he was performing some last time I saw him. The closer I was to the trick the more in awe I was. Anyway, the break from work was very much needed. I am glad you had some time away and it was enjoyable.


  2. Johnathon says:

    Two mentions, twice in a row! Yes, the movie was good, and hanging out with you guys is always a lot of fun. I’m glad you got your computer fixed, so that you can play WoW… oh wait, wrong person. =P The tacos were awesome, and as always, we can’t wait to do it again sometime really soon. Give us a call!


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