I like to mess up crap. I really enjoy mucking through configuration files and making my computer do things that are unimaginable. I have seen some pretty messed up stuff that I have been responsible, however I have stumbled into some really cool things in the process. All in all, it is worth it for me. My machine is a different story, as it is always in a constant state of disaster.

This brings me to my praise. I decided to tackle the seemingly ardious task of reinstalling Ubuntu on my laptop to fix several annoyances I have been having. I went to my home folder, displayed hidden files, and copied folders like “.gaim” (Instant messaging client) and “.evolution” (Email client) onto a CD. I reinstalled Ubuntu in 30 minutes, and dragged these files back over. Guess what? I didn’t have to configure a damn thing again. My hotkeys are the same, my account info is in my programs, my profile and plugins are in firefox.

That coupled with Automatix has made this the easiest reinstall I could have ever imagined. In about an hour, I had a completely fresh system, completely customized with MY settings and applications. Suck eggs Windows.

On a side note, my new GeForce 6800 card has made me realize that the next bottleneck in my system is definitely the RAM (of which I only have 512 MB). I have ordered a 1 GB stick to correct this, and it should be here any day now. You will know when you don’t see or hear from me for a week. Happy Holidays to all!


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