Pissing off people is fun. I had my advisement with the Information Technology department this morning and apparently poked some sensative subjects. I went in and listened to the “Lets plan out your future courses with CIMS” speech, and then mentioned that I was there to get the advisement hold lifted so I could go register for my classes in School of Technology. That seemed to have hit the mark.

I then addressed the internship that I had failed and how I felt there was a lack of communication on both parties parts. I persisted that point against protest until the topic was just changed to something more positive. I am getting an opportunity to retake my internship this semester and get my AASIT after that conversation.

As I was getting up, I mentioned that the internship was not why I left CIMS. This rose an inquisitive eye and I elaborated on my situation with Bakhtiar. He was shocked at what I told him.

Anyways, I get to do my internship, get my Associates, and get the hell out of IT.



  1. Bellona says:

    I believe in burning bridges sometimes. And I think that was the proper time to do it. Besides, if people always keep their mouth shut and try to stay nice about things, those people usually end up in some kind of psychotic rage.


  2. Mr Frosti says:

    Psychotic? Holding anger in and then taking it out in inanimate objects?


  3. Johnathon says:

    Well, good for you sir. I honestly hope that a CMS degree will turn out to be what you’re looking for. School sucks period, however, so don’t expect it to be a ton better on the other side of the fence. And as for you Bellona, you shouldn’t encourage pissed-off behavior from your man! He already has a hard enough time holding it in. =P


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