Well well, it has been a while since my last update. A lot has changed on the server end and none of it good. I am back to Windoze on the workstation for compliance reasons. I was having issues with authentication, and DFS to the point that it kept me from doing stuff I needed for my job. So now when stuff breaks, I can just say “Hey, I am running everything I am supposed to, so what else can I do?” At least I have my laptop to actually get some work done because Windows XP is the most unproductive work environment I have ever “used”. Crap pops up everywhere, ballon tips breaking your concentration, wizards materialize for everything (including the DAMN CLIPBOARD). Truth is I haven’t trusted Windows for anything of importance for close to two years now.

The house is coming along quite well in recent weeks. We have centralized all of the animal paraphenalia to one bedroom, so Anna won’t die when she comes over to visit now. Satellite has been installed and Hi-Def is a wonderful thing. Discovery HD has the ability to just suck away your soul. You actually feel like you are standing in the middle of the Wilderbeast heard in Africa… but I digress. Most of the painting is done on the house and we are starting to get luxuries like doorknobs taken care of.

I have been spending my time lately putting some polish on the calendar interface that the HUB will be using in the next few weeks for appointments and workshops. More on that later…

Kristin is in the job market again (yay!). She has been threatened with her job the next time a bird dies because according to her boss, she is the Angel of Death. Good luck with that sweetie. I am going to out Wendy-and-Will everyone this post and just say that she will probably never know how special she is to me.

Happy holidays everyone, if I don’t post again for a month…


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  1. Bellona says:

    That is so sweet. And might I add that she blames me for killing the birds because she knows absolutely nothing about bird husbandry and refuses to see that it is everything she is doing (or not doing) for them that is killing them.


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