I suppose I should mention that I have moved into the new house, and am in the process of unpacking. I really want to thank my Fiance, Jon and Sharon, John and Anna, Steve, and Kristin’s parents for helping us with the move. It would have been an impossible task without everyone’s help. Sorry about the flat tire Steve!

I promise a more in depth post, and images of the new house soon, however I currently don’t have an Internet connection at the house and my world has been flipped upside-down.


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  1. Johnathon says:

    It was my pleasure bro. I’m glad it’s all finished and no one was injured and everything. And dinner was great! =D Here’s to never moving, ever again. Seriously. =P I hope both you and Kristin can come over soon, or we can come over there, and just hang out. Here’s to it!


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