Back online at last!

This week I decided that I wanted to broaden my Linux horizons and take on the SUSE distrubution. I was expecting that at the rate Linux was progressing, SUSE (which has a huge following) would be a dream to run. Then I met the RPM system of package management. I think I heard someone say one time that this stood for “Really Poor Management” – and its true. I tried to embrace the SUSE culture, but I just couldn’t buy into the “you don’t need any more software than what we provide you” mentality. To me, that is as useful as a computer with no internet connection. Times change, and this is a major hurdle this distrubution needs to overcome.

In other news, the move is on for this Saturday. We plan to start about 9:00AM, however as you can expect, this is an all day event. I would really appreciate the help of anyone who volunteers. We have two trucks, two trailers and an SUV, so space might be an issue as I am not currently planning on renting a UHAUL.

Directions to the apartment:

From I-20 (Eastbound) take a right off the Sigman road ramp (exit 78)
Take the next left onto Iris drive.
Take the next right onto McDaniel Mill Rd.
Pull into the visitor call box in the second driveway.
Scroll to Graham, K (505) and press call. The gates should open…
We are in the very back of the complex, so follow the main street until you see bldg. 7. We are unit 738 (on the third floor)

If anyone needs anything, feel free to call my cellphone at 404 788 5385.



  1. Bellona says:

    They like to change things with out notice around here so it may be that you just scroll to my name and hit call or you may have to dial 505 and then hit call. Then again it’s possible that the gates don’t work (a very common occurance) and you can just drive on through. Also, if you park on the back side of the building we are the 4th floor, if you park on the front side we are the 3rd floor.


  2. Johnathon says:

    My arms and legs hate you. I, however, still love you. =D Glad we got it all taken care of – good luck unpacking. :/ I look forward to hanging out… at some point.


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