1. Johnathon says:

    =D=D=D=D=D=D=D That’s funny.


  2. JEN says:

    hola just thought i would drop you a few lines. Sorry it sucks you have so much going downhill in the outside sales dept. I guess some people cant be as lucky as i am though. I REALLY JUST WANTED TO SAY THANK YOU KRISTIN. If it wasnt for you and matt then i would probably still be working 8-6 m-s but instead I DO OUTSIDE SALES. But i got lucky I happen to meet a “professional” in Miami when i was with all the girls (you know them my true friends) Well he offered me a job as entry level marketing/outside sales for his atlanta base branch. So i lucked out on 51,800 salary complete benifits paid for by the company, 8-5 m-f hours (if im in the office), travel and company car. Oh and they pay for my cell, gas, insurance, travel expenses, and visa company card. Oh and did i mention that he owns the detroit pistons (i know how athletic you are…but theY are a pro basketball team). and the damnest thing is that he also owns a travel agency so every 2 months for the weekend i travel to costa rica, jamaica, bahamas, caymen islands to CHECK out the condos he owns to make sure no repairs need to be done. So i guess i didnt need that bahama vacation afterall. since now i go for free. SO SERIOUSLY KRISTIN I HAVE TO THANK YOU FOR ALL THIS I COULD OF NEVER DONE THIS WITH OUT YOU…LITERALLY.! LOL . Congrats on the new house i just BOUGHT my own in covington place (its off the bypass) WITHOUT parental support. if you are in the neighborhood call and you can see my 4bed 3 bath house its nice and new bought if from a client EXCELLENT BARGAIN. well good luck with your life and in case you are thinking this is all bullshit go ahead and call my mom (since you seem to be able to do that) and ask she’ll vouch they are very proud. Well i have to admit i wasnt ever going to speak to you again but hey i have to at least tell you THANK YOU, YOU MADE MY LIFE 100% WONDERFUL BC OF YOU BEING A BULLSHIT OF A FRIEND. CHOW PS DID YOU EVER TELL BEN THAT I GAVE JASON A BLOWJOB ON THAT SPRING BREAK TRIP TO DAYTONA? OR ABOUT JASON THE GREEN BERET FROM PANAMA DID YOU EVER MENTION HIM? OR WHY YOU CUT SCENES OUT OF YOUR VIDEO AFTER THAT TRIP? SINCE YOU LIKE TO TELL ALL TO EVERYONE YOU LIVED WITH MAYBE I SHOULD TOO. TTFN


  3. Johnathon says:

    Can’t leave well enough alone huh… wow. That “new job” you got has really put you on the road to maturity. Way to go – you’re definitly going places… keep it up! Alienating people is the best way to get ahead.


  4. Bellona says:

    I can see that you really haven’t changed. I suppose it never occured to you how very rude it is to bring this to Ben’s website. If you were anykind of mature or decent person you would have addressed me in my own forum to be between you and I. However it does not matter because no one here even cares to hear what you have to say, especially me and Ben.


  5. Johnathon says:

    And especially me too! =)


  6. Bellona says:

    By the way, I brought my website back to life (temporarily). Everyone is welcome to comment.


  7. Mr Frosti says:

    Jennifer, you gave Jason a blowjob? Wasn’t that when you were dating Paul? What is the address for the house in Covington, I might have to take a look at it sometime, since I thought you were in Buckhead.


  8. Bellona says:

    I never thought she would admit to that. 😀


  9. jen says:

    first of all i dont know who u mean ben. second of all i didnt know how to get in touch with you and last i really dont care what you people think. nor do i care if i ever see ya’ll again. and where did you get the idea i lived in buckhead i’ve never lived there. o and jason is the pilot ben i dont know who you are talking about but jason is the one that is uncircumsized that kristin gave head to in daytona on spring break you must be mistaken bc i wasnt with her then. O and you wanted the address better yet i’ll give you directions go to covington place on the bypass (right near the golfcourse on left if you are coming from porterdale) and turn in and it will be the first street on the left second house on the right. come on by you can see the new car. Hey really….enjoy life you lameass bitch and as far as im concerned i dont care where i post i just wanted you to know how well im doing chow


  10. Brian says:

    Its funny how immature some people are….


  11. Kain says:

    Ok so I have not made posts on a blog in over a year but this one kind of drew me back. And it is very interesting that the address is not mentioned to prove. It is also nice that there is no record of a land purchase in that area of Georgia by Jen in either her maiden or married names. I am trying to stay nice on this but it is also funny that the reports that I hear from sources also state otherwise to your current situation due to certain battles your still in. So to keep from starting WW3 I am leaving it that…attack me if you please personally I think it is funny since they are all dreams….


  12. Kain says:

    Oh and for the one who is new to the blog and may not know…Kain = David!


  13. Johnathon says:

    WOW! For someone who never wants to talk to us again or see any of us again, you’re doing a good job of posting on Ben’s website! First off, no one gives a rat’s ass what YOU have to say, especially not when you make personal attacks against a person who was NOTHING but nice, helpful, and caring for you. Secondly, I believe I speak for everyone when I say we don’t give two shits about how “well” or “unwell” you’re doing. You chose your path – you have to live it. I only know what I heard, and from what I heard, I’m not the in the least bit grieving that I never met your sorry, conniving, mooching ass. The only thing you’ve proved with this post is that you ran out of people to run into the ground along with yourself. So do us all a favor – get a life and move on. No one hear ever wants to hear you post, speak, or acknowledge your existence ever again, and again I believe I speak for all.


  14. Canadian says:

    Hey, this is me lol…David told me about this thought I check it out for myself, didnt know what it was about until I read it. Well im dissapointed that this is still going on. I havn’t been around that much been really busy here and there and everywhere kinda crazy. WOW im shocked at all this. I thought people at our age can be mature about stuff, but again im wrong. Well I hope things get better and life goes on there are better things then life then to hear this shit, im sorry but ya crazy…


  15. Jeff says:

    woah! Internet fights started by stupid bitches! It’s just like livejournal!


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