Well, I do feel better now that I know people can relate. I do try to hang out with friends and family, but sometimes things take precedence. I will keep telling myself, we only have to do this until November 20th. We will have a great house, and I will be 20 minutes from campus and able to participate in a lot more activities. I have always felt that I miss a lot living out here in Conyers.

In news other than the pathos I have been drumming up for my life, I would like to point out that Sun Java has a really cool approach that just might pull me in. Basically, they have released a 3D desktop that is designed to put some heat on Windows Longhorn. I have wanted to contribute to the Linux movement for a while, and if I can find the time, this just might be an area that interests me enough to dive into some code. It will be a challenge, but it looks as much creative and fun as it does hard.

Checkout their website here if you have no idea what I am talking about. If you still have no idea what I am talking about, cut all the fluff and click here (cut about a third into the video to get to the cool stuff). In other news, if the Playstation 3 delayed rumors are true, I just might have to get a paper bag to calm myself down. Come on, 2007?!



  1. Brian says:

    LOL.. didn’t you know about this already. I have been working with project looking lass for about 6 months. Well i started my project I just haven’t had time to finish it.. If you want to learn the api and you think my project is interesting I will get them to add you to it and you can work with me on it some. http://www.brianhursey.com/main/template.php?page=home&action=show&id=41


  2. Jeff says:

    didn’t windows change their new OS’s name from Longhorn to Vista?


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