After a grueling day at work Friday, I came home and got to select paint colors for the new house from dozens of little pieces of paper. It actually has turned out to be more fun than I imagined it would. The next day we went to Lowes, picked up the paint and began working. I have found myself, for the first time in almost a year with a project to do that is wholy satisfactory. I am excited, physically exausted, feeling well, and my anxieties are down… and the most important thing – I am not sitting on my butt in front of a computer! I feel like my old self again.

This morning we are headed back over to do more painting. We should have new carpeting come in within the week as well. Houses rock! Well, off to Lowes again, and hopefully some pictures soon!

Also, please note that my phone is RIP, so if you need to contact me call Kristin’s cell: *Removed*.


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