After thinging that I was going to miss it, I finally arrived at Roderick Harvey’s funeral this afternoon. I have to say that the environment was very atypically energetic. Most funerals I have been to (which is a dissappointingly increasing amount) reflect on the person and is a very solomn moment. This was different – it was very muc h a praise, and uplifting. Macon, for anyone who doesn’t know is really a drive from Conyers. I spent an hour on the interestate counting down exit numbers and calculating whether I would make it on time. I ended up just going 85 – 90 mph in the far left lane to make it on time. I am really glad that I went because I would never have gotten another chance to see someone from the HUB off.

In other news, the misses and I have secured a house in Lithonia off of Hwy 155. My parents used to live there and have been renting out the place to tenants for the last few decades. The current residents announced that they would be moving out at the end of September. With the house vacant, my parents offered it to Kristin and me. We gladly took them up on the offer – the commute to Clayton is half of what it was before.

My television is getting fixed on Tuesday (hopefully) so when you see me Wednesday with bags under my eyes, it is because of the COPS marathon that I will have enjoyed! Hope all of you have a weekend to the fullest!



  1. Bellona says:

    Got a fwe..I mean few typos there babe. Oh and you won’t be tired from COPS, oh no. I think that comment earns you a full night of great classics like Divine Secrets and My Best Friends Wedding and maybe a little Practical Magic.


  2. Steve says:

    Bad Boy Bad Boy whatcha going do when the wedding planner comes for you….


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