For those who haven’t seen, I have introduced Kristin to the “Crossing the River” game located here. Her response after a few minutes was that it was social anarchy, and that the children should be locked up for misbehaving in public. Not the answer I was seeking, but a plausible one nonetheless.

On the workfront, my STI certification has been stepped up a notch. I had no idea it was a 1 1/2 day course, and I have spent several weeks looking over the materials. A lot of the material in this certification pertains directly to a helpdesk (for those at other helpdesks that are interested, check out this site for a demo.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the TV repair man has finally come! He looked at the TV and told Kristin he had no idea what the problem was. He is ordering a replacement something and I should have additional information in 24-48 hours.

For anyone using Ubuntu, the “Breezy Badger” release is in preview, and can be upgraded at anytime. I have my likes and dislikes about the system already. Expect a small review soon to append to this mentioning.


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