Something that has been bothering me for awhile is what I shall refer to as the “Windows Mindset”. It is the mentality that you have written a tool, and feel it should be have limited usability, and other crappy features such as watermarking the finished product until the “full” verion has been purchased.

Do a search on Google for video capture, or raw avi converter. Everything that comes up is pay to use software. How is it that the Linux community has better tools and still remains free? There are just some things that I will not pay for. Tools that do simple tasks are one of them. Kudos to the Linux community for worrying about the quality of a product versus how much money they can make off of it.

This all being thrown out in the open, my other rant is about websites that FORCE you to use Windows, Internet Explorer, and Windows Media Player to view multimedia content. Why all of this nonsense? Because of DRM. Again, with the restricting of the software. Give me a break. I wanted to show you people something wonderful but was cut down a lot until I found a solution.

I proudly bring you a Franz Ferdinand “video mod” as coined by MTV using the Star Wars Episode III game engine. This is the first instance of this video on the net, to my knowledge, of this video sans la DRM. Why did I do this? Simply to prove a point that no matter how much resources you put into locking something down, the nature of the Internet is that it WILL be undone. Enjoy, knowing that DRM has again failed!

Franz Ferdinand Video Mod



  1. Johnathon says:

    It is pretty sad that video is the best thing to come out of the Star Wars Episode 3 game engine… and it’s not even THAT good. =P P.S. – I have a program that opens JPGs for $20, would you like a copy?


  2. John says:

    DRM is a very good thing if used properly. iTunes music store has found that happy medium. You can get any song easily on almost every platform, and it is protected enough that the RIAA is cool with it. It is also fiarly easy to use the files where ever you want for fair use. Breaking DRM is a federal offense. Be careful with the bragging on that point. Especially posting the result to your website bragging how you broke it. The DMCA is the suxor.


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