*Technical post so ye be warned…*

Speculation has it that Google is capitalizing on the computer of the future – a network-centric machine. It seems to me the reason that Windows is so revered is because of its software base. “If you were running Windows, you could use program X and make your life simple”. What happens when all application are web-based? It is a similar approach to Java. Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy has for years been saying “the network is the computer.” That is why Steve Ballmer is so angry. Ten years from now it won’t matter what OS you have because your cellphone with an Internet connection will be just as productive as a $300 copy of a Windows post-Vista OS. So long desktop-centric paradigm. An excellent article discussing some of this can be read at CNET.

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A thanks goes out to David for making us un-lost in the world of Lithonia. Someone ran over the street sign we were looking for Saturday morning. Kristin is preparing for her next DS party, and I have become comsumed with the story of Final Fantasy VII again. Damn you Advent Children. You have unleased the flood of emotions I have held back so long. Perhaps work on Monday will break its grip on my heartstrings.



  1. Johnathon says:

    Web-based apps suck compared to desktop based apps. Not only are they unreliable as all Hell, but they aren’t as fast, they lose your work waaaay too often, and if you don’t have an Internet connection, guess what? You ain’t doin’ DIDDLY that day son! [/rant] On another note, I am impressed to hear that you were able to go back and play FFVII. The man who states “Have you tried playing that game again? The graphics SUCK!” was able to put that behind him and enjoy something he enjoyed so many years ago. Bravo, sir, bravo.


  2. John says:

    Web apps are phenominal in benifits, but there is no way in hell I will type a word document on a cell phone. Google has shown that web apps can be fast, as good as desktop software, and effective. Gmail is a great mail client. The no internet no work issue is not an issue at all. Lots of businesses already use VoIP, and it is one of the biggest types of systems in the modern call center. Guess what, no internet = no phones which equals no business as well. However network outtages are becoming very rare. They are a lot rarer than say a virus or adware/spyware causing normal business to stop. I look forward to the future of web based apps. Major stumbling blocks are still ahead though. Cross platform web development is close to non existant in static or slightly dynamic sites. Getting a development platform that is cross browser, cross platform depentant is a huge key.


  3. Jeff says:

    Did you just… did you just use the word paradigm? I don’t even know you any more.


  4. Mr Frosti says:

    Yes, my managerial transformation is now complete. Send me your TPS report covers ASAP.


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