It seems that my expectations for entertainment has just hit a new low. I just got done watching a reality show about… making a reality show. It is called Reality TV, and I have no idea how I ended up watching it.

On the work-front there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It would appear that I am not going to die from a work-induced aneurism in my brain after all. I was informed that eventhough I come in at 11:30, doesn’t mean that I have to be at the Service Counter at 11:30. In fact, I am not supposed to be there until 4:00PM. so I have 5 hours to slac… uh, work on other things.

I am planning to start work on a much more information-centric website for The HUB. I would like to incorporate a knowledge base for students as well as analysts to reference. Now that I have time, sweeping changes should be in the works.

In other news, Kristin took the dog to the groomer today and had her really trimmed down. I never realized how disproportionatly large Kayley’s head is to her body. She really looks like a grapefruit on a toothpick. That should create a nice image of what I am describing, so no image is necessary.

Well, hopefully I will get to hang out with some folks this weekend, as I now have 5 extra hours to my day. To waste a few minutes, check out F-Secure’s Virus Vault


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