Well, it seems that I have just beaten Homeworld 2 again. It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful that game is, and I like to brag on it (as Malice knows). It seems that my labor day weekened has been just what I wanted – relaxing. I have caught up on my sleep, and have done some things around the house that needed to be done (other than beating Homeworld 2). What I didn’t want was to make all kinds of plans and then run around and do things as fast as I possibly can. Apparently, that it what work is for.

We have stopped making offers on the house on Reynolds Rd. The sellers want $113k for a house that both our parents agree isn’t worth more than $100k maximum. Also, our backup house on Oxford Dr. is under contract by someone else. It seemed like we were back to the start again on our house buying adventures, until an unseen opportunity presented itself. My parents used to live in Lithonia in the 1970’s, and bought a house that they now rent. The current tenants have announced they will be moving out September 30th. The house is right off of Highway 155, and is certaintly a possibility for us, as my dad offered.

I would also like to point out that this weekend I have found out just how bad Hurricane Katrina really hit Lousiana. My television went out several weeks ago, and I haven’t had internet access at the apartment for almost a week. And forget about checking anything at work in the last two weeks. So I did some research on it and asked some people what was going on and found out that New Orleans is gone. The entire city has been destroyed. My dad said it is clearly the worst natural disaster in his lifetime. It seems that I was a little selfish in ranting about my gas prices here in Georgia.

Well, I hope that everyone’s Labor Day weekend was fun, or relaxing – whichever you wanted it to be. Tommorrow I return to work… but my television should be fixed too! Homeworld 2 screenshots here. I am trying a script called EasyPHPAlbum, let me know what you think!



  1. Mike says:

    nothing still compares to a good game of Descent.


  2. Bellona says:

    Your timeline always amazes me. The television has been out for a week not weeks. And the internet was down for 3 days. And not to menttion that the huricane hit LA only a week ago. It’s not like you have been sitting in a dark hole some where while the world passes you by.


  3. Johnathon says:

    Ain’t it grand? 😉


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