Say goodbye to your money. I took a lunch today and passed a gas station that was selling regular at $2.99. Thirty minutes later, the price for regular had jumped to $3.29. I don’t pay much attention to rumors, but in this instance there seems to be grounds for what I have heard. Rumor has it that the gas prices will go above $3.70 by tonight.

Welcome to the bright future that is telecommuting!



  1. Wendy says:

    According to my boss, that’s the highest I’ve yet to hear. I haven’t been out yet to witness this… Hope you filled up recently 🙂


  2. Mohsin says:

    The gas prices here just jumped 30% over here as well. From $1.25 to about $2.15. Considering we make this crap you’d think it would be cheaper over here.


  3. Bellona says:

    Ahh the power of mass hysteria. I love it when I am forced to pay for other people’s idiocy. I wonder if that should be spelled with a y or an ie?


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