3 Mistakes in 5 Minutes…

It seems that the world is in a huff about another Windows virus. I followed a link to Microsoft’s fix at which leads us to mistake #1:

If there is information on deterring a particularly malicous virus, the information should be accessable to EVERYONE not just those of us who run Internet Explorer.

You can easily step over this intimidating block by just disabling Javascript. That is mistake #2. Why bother setting up a system that can just be stepped around?

And after you step around this pesky problem, Microsoft will tell you to add their domain to your Active-rape-my-computer-X trusted sites list. They tell you to add “*.microsoft.com” to the trusted list. Sounds like a perfect opportunity for a malicous site to do some domain spoofing.

Great job on security MS, I understand more everyday why there are viruses at all.

As a personal note, this site isn’t becoming a Microsoft flame spot. It just that I have had to deal with them more lately than I usually do. I’ll touch on some other aspects of my life soon…


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