I had a really interesting debate over an Army advertisement I saw in a magazine planned, but I haven’t had a chance to scan it in yet. So I will bore you with the details of my life instead.

The HUB’s website is still alive. For some reason in the back of my mind I am always prepared for it to irrecoverably crash and burn but it hasn’t happened yet. There have been several small modifications to the project, and thanks to our new development enviroment, I am able to quickly integrate patches and new features. Not to say that maintaining the website is stress free. The “to-do” list seems endless, and I feel like it really is a full time job sometimes. It has been several weeks since its debut, and no new content has gone up yet. I will just have to make time.

Since my mind is sharp but my body mush, I have taken up the laborious task of doing a workout everyday. Nothing is as exausting yet refreshing as doing strenous work. You feel a sense of purpose somehow. My fiance does not share my health kick ideals. The taste of fresh anything still makes her ill. Getting her to eat a carrot is worse than drilling out a cavity with no anesthesia.

I have been playing a good bit of Enemy Territory lately. I never really gave the game a fair shot. I usually played it in a large group with no teamwork, and no clear sense of objectives. Online is even worse. However, with a group of 4 – 12 people and an understanding of the maps, it is some of the most fun multiplayer since Counterstrike.

Have fun this week everyone and check out the F.E.A.R. demo if you have not already done so. Play it at night with headphones…


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  1. Wyn says:

    Working out is overrated. Carrots suck. Long live chocolate and unhealthy yumminess! Great job on the website. Don’t be pessimistic. You worked hard, and it’s paying off now. Enjoy it 🙂 You know what other game you should check out? It’s really awesome and amazing and tons of fun. It’s called WoW. Get off your lazy butt and log in 😛 – And no craptacular remarks back about the game, please and thanks ! 🙂


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