It is a great feeling to finally have the HUB’s calendar being wrapped up. We are testing for minor bugs at this point, and waiting for the servers to be reloaded. We are moving to a more refined testing environment, with a development, testing, and live server. We will be using a CVS repository, with nightly backups of all the data. Its just a better environment to work in.

Since I am so dead tired of the commute to and from Clayton State, I have began looking at the possibility of purchasing a house in the area. We have already seen several houses we are interested in:

1) This house is located in University Estates and is within walking distance of the campus. It is such as well maintained area. And it is selling for $80k, the only catch is it is a HUD home, and a decision has to made on the bid by tommorrow.

2) This house is located on Reyonalds Rd, (behind the Wal-Mart on 54). Apparently there are forests, and lakes back there. Who knew? We really like it though:



  1. Johnathon says:

    Well, I’m anxiously awaiting a new post with a picture of a house on it! What did you guys decide?! Ohhhhh, the anticipation is killing me!!!


  2. Bellona says:

    I wish it were that simple. No, we decided to let the Hud house go since the limit was so close but we are still keeping the second one in mind and we have some more that we are going to look at this week.


  3. Wendy says:

    Reynolds Rd is actually very pretty. The nature park there is really nice. Go there for a picnic sometime πŸ™‚ (Dinner picnics are nice too, to avoid the sun πŸ˜› )


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