Dial up beware…

I have re-possessed the digital camera from my parent’s house. I used to “borrow” the camera for an extended amount of time and the folks would insist that they needed it, and I return it to them only to have it sit on a table for months. Well no more. The camera stays with me, after I sneakly five fingered it from the house. Everyime I don’t have the camera, I see hundreds of things that would make some interesting photography.

Many of you might have heard the term “Vlogging” (Video + Blogging), which simply changes the medium to which you convey events of your life to others. I am going to adapt this and try “Plogging” (Photography + Blogging) for a while. I think that people can more quickly take a glance at the going-ons in my life with images instead of paragraphs. The only downside is for you poor souls that haven’t embraced the cult that is broadband. I think that most frequent visitors of my site have access to broadband, so I feel the switch won’t lose much. (Sorry Mike!)

After all, a picture is worth a thousands words…


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  1. Jeff says:

    Vlogging? Plogging? Why limit yourself? Think outside the box, man! You could be the very first Pieogger. Pie + Blogging. It would have pie and… stuff…


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