Last post had some great news, and some bad news. I have been celebrating the good, and coping with the bad news. It seems that this sort of reaction to announcing an engagement runs in the Lee bloodline. My dad called and was supportive of me, and suggested that it will just take time for my mom to warm up to the idea. Mom asked me to do something that was important, albeit hurtful: She asked me to pray to god about my decision.

I am not an overly religious person. The way that I “pray” is to observe life around me. If I was about to make a big decision, I observe myself for a few days. Am I really happy? Does my happiness affect others? Or do I dread, and darken others’ days? I believe that God would give me a sign if it was something I really should not do.

So I was wondering how to approach this idea with an overly religious person. I have “prayed” mom, and it is what I want with my life. I have never been happier, and your support would make me feel wholy satisfied. I wish the best for everyone’s future. I do have dreams of the extended family sitting out by the lake in lawn chairs, and Kristin and I sitting together, my arm around her, talking with them and lauging about life.

A picture of the ring we have decided on will be posted soon!



  1. Brian says:

    I think your way of praying is the way some of who are religious do pray about an important decision. If she was not the one for you, you would know this already. If she is not the one god would of shown you a reason for her not to be in your life. I think you too are a great couple and I am very happy for you.


  2. Kain says:

    For once I agree with Brian, this was quite insightful and mildly shocking to come from him. I do agree with your methods in praying Ben. In my role this last year at the Lodge it has put me in touch with a side of myself I have not used in a while, that being moer of a holy nature. In prayer it always seemed to reflect that of my life and those around me, and for that you may not have to get on bended knee and ask “God” he will know. Ok so I know this is not a side I speak of often and some call me a cruel, cold, heartless bastard, but there is a good God fearing side of me that is not often shown. All of this said Congratulations again to you two, I think this will be a great and beautiful step for you two.


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