You can relax people, I am back. The vacation was interesting, eventhough most of the stuff that we did was historical tours. That probably worked out well for me in my current state right now dealing with anxieties. I miss Kristin too much to do these types of vacations again. The great comedy of the whole trip was that the van broke down again in South Carolina, 20 miles from where we broke down last time. The serpentine belt slipped off. I have never heard of this happening. I shouted some profanities, and then reached down into the forward-cab engine and realigned the belt myself, shoulder deep in hot engine parts. We lowered the tension, and the belt was secured again, and on we were back home. My next vacation will be with Kristin – wherever I go.



  1. Johnathon says:

    So it is in fact YOU who chews your leg off when SHE’S not around. =P Glad you guys made it back OK. Maybe you and I and Anna and Kristin can actually do something sometime this summer, if I’m not too busy (read: lazy).


  2. Bellona says:

    Yeah, when he told me that I told him that if he called me to say that they were stuck in S.C. again that I would have driven down there to pick him up. I was not dealing with that crap again. I definitely think we should get together again.


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