Just an update on my situation…

I went to the meeting this morning at 10:30 AM with a list full of problems I had with his instruction during the course. I told him that I was not comfortable with this meeting because of anxiety issues that I have been having lately. He said that I had called the meeting and not him. I responded by pointing out that I called this meeting because of principle – that it was something that I felt needed to be addressed. I launched into my problems by asking him why he was repeatedly late to class. He did not respond to this, and instead dodged the subject with more questions. I told him that I felt he was disrespectful to my time as a student by doing this. Again no response. He claims that he has always conducted himself in this manner and started listing off his highly qualified credentials. I asked him if the questions on the final exam were some of the same questions on the first test that we never got back and reviewed. He said it didn’t matter, and that the test was my responsibility to pass. I asked him that if I missed the same questions on a test that was never reviewed, then what was the point in me missing those same questions again on the final? Again, he insisted that it was my problem, not his. He lied to my face and said that he had a stack of thank you papers from all the students in that class praising him for what they had learned from the class. He also tried to make me believe that I was the only student that had an issue with the course at all. He insisted that all the other students were happy with their grades.

At least this step is done with, and I can move on to someone that has a clue about their own existance. Perhaps I will post the amusing recording of our meeting later…



  1. Mohsin says:

    I had a similar meeting with this professor at one point about certain people being told they didn’t need to take a final in his class and still getting a grade. Needless to say the thank you notes were speaking volumes compared to me complaining about having to take a final which consisted of memorising 750 questions which were given the weekend before the final.


  2. jeff says:

    I think I would’ve had that meeting a little differently, or else i misread what you did. Sounded lke you gave him too much of a chance to think he could ignore your questions… but did you record it? Like, on a tape? Sneakeh sneakeh.


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