(warning – this is definitly a rant)

I am beyond sick of the mentality that the world seems to be in the grips of that discrimination is a hate crime and has no place in a civilized society. Christ people, the only thing that makes man different from machines is our ability to reason and process tangible information. When a rule is enforced at Clayton State that says all instructors have to be working on their PhD, we lost some good people as a consequence. We kept some shitty ones too. If you were in quality insurance, and came up with a method for eliminating bad airbags from good ones, but the results of the method came up 50%/50%, you would still be in jail. How is it every single student can tell you in a heartbeat who is a good instructor and who is a bad instructor, but the department doesn’t seem to have a clue? The campus just lays down their “PhD-or-see-ya” policy and pray for a miracle. That is not how you get a good reputation. That is why Clayton State is lacking. Here are the results of checking for that “magical” PhD:

One of the best instructors ever to step into Clayton is stepping right back out

You get a boss that insists on 3 PCI video cards because AGP is “just not a safe bet”

You get a moron for an instructor that pushes the limits of his brain capacity to find the classroom he is teaching in everyday.

Policies don’t work. Not 100%. People need to be able to make judgement calls in the end. People who are out-of-date shouldn’t be protected by hiding behind a PhD. In fact, while I am at it – the whole system of degrees is ridiculous. I have learned many things at Clayton State. I would say 90% of real world knowledge I have learned because of my job. 5% I have learned from classes, and 5% from observing that people who have fancy qualifications aren’t any better than anyone else. People need to wake up and start judging based on reality, and not policies and degrees. Of course that would be like Congress getting a clue. The people who have enforced that degrees and policies are important, in fact have those policies and degrees working in their favor. The stupid get ahead, and the smart get left behind. Great reward system America. Go fuck yourself.



  1. Bellona says:

    That is something I have firmly believed since middle school.


  2. Wyn says:

    Turn that frown upside down. 😀


  3. Jeff says:

    Yeah, she’s right. It’s my experience that most people know all they really need to around 8th grade (academically, that is. clearly some people still haven’t learned some human interaction skills at that point) Case in point, you can be the smartest programmer in the world and it’ll still be hell to find a job if you’re a college drop out. I’m not still in school because i think there’s more I need to learn, i’m in school so I can get some crappy piece of paper that says I graduated.


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