Just to participate in the current trend… I proudly present 10 minutes with Brian over IM:

(12:25:36) Brian Hursey: This is pissing me off
(12:25:43) Brian Hursey: Ok my moms monitor fries
(12:26:04) Ben: Do what?
(12:26:29) Brian Hursey: so I loan her the monitor tell the 30th of last month she was suspose to order a new one but she hasent.
(12:26:31) Brian Hursey: Now
(12:26:58) Brian Hursey: I asked her a week ago If I could barrow the monitor today for a lan party I have been waiting for for over a month
(12:27:25) Brian Hursey: and she calls just a second ago wanting me to come back because she forgot she has to use her computer to turn in pre school pictures
(12:27:44) Brian Hursey: She has another monitor that she has at her school
(12:28:06) Brian Hursey: she is bring it home but she wants me to leave befor I even have gone to the lan party and come and hoke it up for her
(12:28:13) Brian Hursey: she wont lisen to me over the phone
(12:28:19) Brian Hursey: Its pissing me off
(12:28:32) Ben: Ouch
(12:28:36) Ben: That LAN is today right?
(12:28:40) Brian Hursey: Yes
(12:28:54) Brian Hursey: And she dosent care about it
(12:28:58) Brian Hursey: she thinks its stupid
(12:29:12) Brian Hursey: even though I havent played games in 9 months
(12:29:21) Brian Hursey: its not like I do this every week
(12:29:41) Brian Hursey: I told her to bring the monitor home from school
(12:29:55) Brian Hursey: and try and hook it up
(12:29:57) Brian Hursey: and call me
(12:30:02) Ben: Calm down…
(12:30:13) Brian Hursey: Im not freaking driving 1 houer to just hook up a monitor
(12:30:47) Brian Hursey: she just pisses me off because she says I can use the monitor than the world ends because she needs to print some pictures…….
(12:30:52) Ben: Well, 2 hours because you have to get back too
(12:31:01) Brian Hursey: yes
(12:31:15) Brian Hursey: that means I wont get to the party tell 4
(12:31:18) Brian Hursey: F that
(12:32:07) Ben: You should tell your mom to chill out
(12:32:15) Brian Hursey: Its kind of hard
(12:32:51) Brian Hursey: If she asks me to come over Im gona tell her to calm down and let me talk her through it because she wont even let me do that..
(12:33:01) Brian Hursey: Im everyones free tech suport…
(12:34:01) Brian Hursey: Do you think I should go ahead and clock up and go up to the lan?
(12:34:11) Brian Hursey: it started at 2
(12:34:18) Brian Hursey: started at 12
(12:34:19) Brian Hursey: I mean
(12:34:55) Brian Hursey: kim knows
(12:34:58) Brian Hursey: allrady
(12:37:50) Ben: Sorry… I went to the restroom
(12:38:04) Ben: You know, your spelling really improves when you are angry 🙂
(12:38:24) Ben: If you want – I can punch you repeatedly in the arm while you take Regents


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  1. Wyn says:

    Oh, c’mon… The Regents wasn’t that bad! I swear, Brian’s gonna go off on a murderous rampage some day. Not sure who’s gonna be first though.


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