I couldn’t have told you that at 11:30 today, I would be sitting in a Mexican restaurant with my dad. I should have been on campus finishing up a test for my math class. Instead, my car decided it would be funny to suck the very last drop of life out of my battery and shut off while coasting down the road. I looked over and noticed that the CD player had shut off, and then I realized I didn’t hear the engine anymore. I put on the brakes since I was at a stop sign. I put the car in park, to restart the engine, and that was the last bit of life it had. 20 minutes later, the police arrive, and jump start my car after some speculation of what might be causing this. A half hour later, my dad is on the scene and with my car running we went to Auto Zone and picked up a new battery. Then we had lunch.

Now it is up to my teacher (the same one with the stick up his ass about people being late) and see what my make-up options are. I hope he doesn’t tell me next semester. Well, I am off to find out…



  1. William says:

    A few years ago my car shut off in the center lane of Peachtree Industrial, on a bridge, going 75mph. My bladder still hasn’t recovered.


  2. Johnathon says:

    I hate it when things don’t do what they’re supposed to do. This applies especially to a car. Sorry to hear about that man. Hope your teacher isn’t a total dick about things…


  3. John says:

    I hope your teacher is just as understanding as you are when a designer on your project team starts developing new templates with forms 🙂


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