Some things to think about:

1) Where does it say it is illegal to break laws?

2) If there is a seperation of church and state, why do courts swear witnesses on the bible?

3) How the hell did I get 13+ comments on my site? I LOVE you guys. I didn’t think anyone cared about me. (And if you don’t – screw yourself)



  1. Bellona says:

    It doesn’t say it’s illegal to break laws because it doesn’t have to. It should be intuitive. People still swear on the bible because the government is full of self-contradicting bastards that couldn’t follow the constitution if thier lives depended on it. It’s the same reason we have references to God in the pledge of allegiance and on our currency. And ofcourse we love you. How could we resist such an interesting character such as you.


  2. John says:

    point 1: Ok, the word illegal describes the act of breaking the law. Laws = rules = legal acts or whatnot. The opposite is not legal, breaking the rules, or being an ass hat. #2: Swearing someone in is not always done on the Bible. It actually is rarely done on the Bible these days because people are too ignorant to understand government can aknowledge the precence of a supreme being without basing its rule on a religion. Any referance to anything religious and people freak out without trying to understand anything. I for one would definatly be more honest if I took an oath to God. Someone without any faith or religion would not though. Laws can break down because of the inabilaty to flex and bend as the situation warrents. And not to item 3: It was more an attempt to break your site than to make you think we liked you 🙂


  3. Mr Frosti says:

    Re: #1) Thats my point. A law is a piece of legislation stating rules or principles. However, there isn’t any legislation that binds us to those laws. It just seems like a no-brainer.


  4. Bellona says:

    If people in power could truly seperate thier job from thier religious affiliation, then I would have no problem with no true seperation of church and state. The problem comes when extremists come into power and start trying to govern with religion. And I don’t think that just taking an oath to God makes a person more honest, reguardless of what they believe. I know plenty of people who do not believe in a god that are very honest people (i.e. Ben). I also know many religious people that I wouldn’t trust to morally guide a chia pet, much less a person or a country.


  5. Jeff says:

    Maybe you’re just famous now. And maybe you did a quarter-assed job of helping me install stepmania 😉


  6. John says:

    Most people can seperate jobs from religious beliefs. There are always extreamist though on both sides. My point was that religion can coexist with government without ruling government. That is actually the point of the seperation of church and state. It is not to say that government cannot help a religious orginazation though. One of the saddest things I see is churches using there resources to help needy people such as the homeless. The government will every other shelter but one that has any ties to a church for fear of lawsuits. On to the honesty thing, I never said a religious person, or one who says he or she is, is honest. I said that I would uphold an oath to God. I also said someone who doesn’t belive in a god would not have a reason to honor an oath to something they do not beleive in. And in sumation, the over all point was to point out that the swearing in on the Bible is not something done anymore. It is on of those things taken away by those fearful of anything religious entering any part of our government.


  7. Jeff says:

    It’s spelled Rebuttal! Not Rebutle! Jeebus!


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