Where to begin…

Last Sunday, Kristin and I went to Red Lobster, to end up on the drive back, being pulled over by a cop. One of my headlights had gone out, and the cop was very curtious and said he wasn’t going to fine me. When I gave him my license for the routine check, he informed me that it was expired. News to me. (Apparently news to John Templeman too). Over the next several days I had to find time (without a car) to make it to school / work and replace the headlight and license. An inconvience, but it only cost me $23.

I have been feeling down lately, and I think it is from a combination of things. Once I got my car back I began driving to and from work alone again, I realized it was incredibly boring. I see the same scenery 10 times a week. I am looking for suggestions on good books to listen to in the car. Hopefully this will help.

Since I live 30 minutes away, I am also completely isolated from everything at Clayton State. My entire life is there right now, and my apartment is not. Kristin and I have discussed moving closer to the campus / her job so I get to see you people more.

In work news, I have moved to the mysterious second floor of the Lecture Hall to isolate me from any distractions. My task is to integrate the Smarty templating engine into my php, to seperate logic from design. I have gotten a lot done recently, but at a maddening price. I want to work on my laptop outside some days because it is beautiful out there now. I actually do miss the rest of the HUB (staff not phones), and I really enjoyed seeing everyone Friday, and going out to eat with Sundiata and Mike.

Oh, and April Fool’s about Debye! šŸ™‚



  1. John says:

    Why don’t you work outside. As long as you can be reached, I don’t know why you can’t.


  2. Jeff says:

    I’ve no idea if it’s on tape, but the Death Gate Cycle is the best book series ever written.


  3. Mohsin says:

    It really sucks living that far from campus I can imagine the drive has to be boring especially if you’re doing it alone but cheer up you could be on the other side of the world and using dial up. šŸ™‚


  4. Bellona says:

    The hard part is finding a nice area convienient for both of us. You work at Clayton and I work in Decatur. We’re gonna need some luck on this one.


  5. Jeff says:

    I propose some sort of hovering fortress that is equidistant from Clayton and Decatur. When you’re an appropriate height off the ground, firing massive grappling hooks into the two counties and drag them closer to yourself via an equally massive winch system. Then all your troubles will be solved! Plus you’ll have a cool floating fortress thing that you could spit at people from.


  6. Brian says:

    I wonder if we can get a reserch grant on jeffs hover fort idea… I think this is a great idea.. LOL


  7. Mike says:

    Yeah it sucks you not being in VS anymore and stick in the addic. But remeber I am in the boonies too in Oxford so I am only about 10 minutes away.


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