Lesson of the day – “Don’t fix what isn’t broken”

This applies to technology especially. In my over-ambitious mindset I decided to setup my own “testing platform” that was identical to the server we are testing with at the HUB. My choice of computers for this was none other than my CCSU issued desktop. I had to change a number of things for my code in testing to work on my machine, such as add php-mysql libraries, install openldap, and copy the database over to the local MySQL server itself. I got LDAP working briefly and I saw an error message I presumed to be caused by a piece of software that wasn’t necessary. I removed this and Bam! LDAP goes down harder than Vito Corleone at the fruit stand. Frustrated, I add the piece back and a whole bunch of nothing happens. I then decide to uninstall and reinstall several pieces to find that this doesn’t change anything. The gods found it funny if upon my removal of the LDAP module, to blowout the knees of my php-module too. Then, Apache itself wouldn’t reinstall from a clean slate because the modules.conf file it needed was MIA. I attempted in vain to restore operations to what they were and was thinking what a rather good idea it would have been to just have left it alone in the first place.

Thus my move to the wonderful newness of Apache2. If you leave me a comment telling me nothing has changed, I’ll take that as a pat on the back.

Moral of this story for those with ADT: Punch John in the face when he suggests changing crap around.



  1. John says:

    I hope to get an actual test system up really soon. That way those of you who can’t install software can do some work 🙂


  2. Mike says:

    speak english. 😉


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