I suppose an update on my vacation would be interesting…

Kristin and I arrived in the great state of Texas last Sunday night after rushing through three other states and taking a lunch in only 12 hours. I am currently staying with Kristin’s Aunt Sandra, and Uncle Claudio (very welcoming people) in La Porte. Monday we visited Space Center Houston, home of Johnson Space Center. Very cool stuff for those of you that are interested in space. We got to sit in the original Mission Control site. Tuesday we went out to Kemah boardwalk and looked at a lot of the shops and ate at Pappadeaux, where I had one,… ok two pounds of boiled crawfish with Cajun seasoning for only $6. I guess this is because we are only an hour away from Lousiana, Brian. We got to see Kristin’s grandparents too, and viewed the famed video collection of her pappa which has over 3000 videos. Most of these tapes have 3-4 movies each on them. Wednesday we took a trip over to Moody Gardens which is a trio of pyrimads, each housing a different biome. Afterwords, we found Taste of Texas, and discovered what a $52 steak tastes like. I don’t know if I will be able to eat at Longhorn again. And last night, we got back from Rodeo Houston which was an absolute blast. There was a massive carnival outside Reliant stadium which included three Ferris Wheels. Kristin found a new favorite ride, which should be named sling-your-guts-out but was titled Experience instead. After all the rides, we got fairly close seating for the Rodeo. There was Bronco busting, Bull riding, and a calf roping / wrestling / scrambling. The night was topped off by a live performance from Montgomery Gentry. Apparently George Bush Sr. made it out too because the cameras cut to him in the crowd, sitting on the other side. I have loads of pictures, and will be making a gallery soon.

Have fun at work, he he


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  1. jamesf says:

    52 doller steak, three ferris wheels, rodeo, AND Bush Sr. That’s what I had planned THIS weekend, but you beat me to it. guess I’ll just go rent a movie or something.


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