I was on my break Friday afternoon, and I saw cardboard boxes being blown across the road, and my first thought was “I could pick those up and throw them with my Gravity Gun…”

I heard Neil Bortz on AM 640 talking about a recent survey indicating that the average teenager spends about 44 hours a week on either the computer or television. He went on to say that no one could predict the consequences of this unprecented amount of technology in a teenager’s life because there is no long term data. Let me offer my opinion of where we are heading: We are losing the ability to interact with each other face to face. I am not predicting the Apocalypse, but the plethora of selfish people in the world is becoming more and more evident. I don’t ever remember having a problem with some Jackass in the movie theater talking on his cell phone, and shining a laser light on the screen.

I am not immune to the effects of technologically induced isolation. I feel like there is a humanity that I am losing everyday. I feel anxious when I talk or meet with people, and I am quick to try and escape from conversation. Kristin and I mentioned the difference between a “friend” and an “acquaintance”. It seems like I don’t just hang out with people anymore. Everything has shifted to just an “acquaintance” in my life. Maybe it is because I don’t have a lot of spare time, however I believe that technology is playing a factor in my life.

I want to also quickly mention that the Regular Guys will be starting March 21st on AM 640 at 8:00AM. It is sure to be a revealing first broadcast.


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