A lengthy post from the recesses of my mind, because it has been a while…

I read an interesting article from Wired.com about how technology is changing the way people interact with each other. It has always been amazing to me to track the linguistical changes of the English language. The article quoted a bunch of apocalyptic English professors from Harvard saying the Internet was the death of the English language. I am going to have to disagree. Not everything has to be Faulkner-esk in its presentation. Even though it is morbid, I think that the end result of the Internet to our current language is something similar to “Doublespeak” from 1984.

The way that people interact with each other is changing, and I think the way people interact with computers should change as well. The keyboard and mouse concept is ancient, and if you believe all of the medical hype, dangerous to our health as well. Alternative input methods were linked in the article, and I took particular interest in the Fingerworks keyboard. Its concepts are just fresh enough to be entertaining, and its approach just short of radical, while keeping the solution real.

Either one of two conditions will change: English will evolve to incorporate our limitations of technological input, or our input devices for computers will catch up. We all have a lot of information to communicate, and a limited amount of technology to do it with. Changes to the structure of the English language have already started to pop-up as illustrated in this amusing article from Microsoft about 733T speak.

For the future, I hope to see natural voice recognition software, facial gesture recognition, and anything else to finally kill the keyboard and the mouse. Nothing is more frustrating than typing out battle plans in online games as you are being fired upon.

Also, I have changed the navigation menu around to reflect those that update the most in the highest order. And, my God I have archives working now!


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  1. Johnathon says:

    It’s so funny that Microsoft has written up an explanation to 1337 sp3@x. “If you see the word ‘sploitz,’ your child may be involved in illegal activities. Please contact the authorities immediatly and hang little Jimmy from the ceiling.” Thanks Microsoft, for ruining yet another harmless child’s game that grown men play.


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