“It seems the cold war is heating back up” – Fox News commentary

It seems that the inevitable is finally in motion. The command for Iraqi resistance is based in the bordering country of Syria. This command headquarters has a strong tie with Iran who is working on nuclear weapons. Neither country has any liking for the United States being in Iraq right now. Iran has publically stated that if we attack them that they WILL use nuclear weapons against the United States in retaliation. They also will not stop manufacturing nuclear weapons. Even if the United Nations (United States) moves into Syria and Iran and disarms them – there is a new issue to contend with: Russia is supplying Syria with an anti-air missle defense system.

The war is becoming increasingly unpopular, and I wonder how the media will present this new issue. Will we take on 3 new countries, one a former superpower, or will we withdraw?



  1. jamesf says:

    I think I saw this one… Jack Ryan finds out that the Syrian nationals were bribing a corrupt Russian ex-nazi to get their hands on some nuculer missiles. I like the part where the presedent yells “GET OFF MY PLANE!”


  2. Kain says:

    I know I am a bit of an extremist…but if that country is harboring soldiers that are fighting against us in a current war. Then we need to kick their ass too. I know as I continue a bunch of you will ask yourself, WTF? But anyways, if they threaten us with nuclear warfare then we need to just reactivate all of our global Nukes and tell them all to fuck off. We have enough to completely erase that side of the world. Also I know several disagree with me on the subject of war but damn those that oppose the US.


  3. Rob!! says:

    Iran is all talk. They want to sound strong in the face of “western tyranny,” but I’m sure that if push came to shove, they wouldn’t (and couldn’t) launch a nuclear assualt on the US. No country would, really; the whole unspoken “M.A.D.” pact essentially guarantees that.


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