Congratulations to Jennifer and Matt Camenzuli on their recent wedding – the best of luck to you both.

Some sites for you to look at while killing some time at work:

Check out the failed attempt at a mascot for Kikkoman soy sauce. This abomination has been picked up by the Japanese fan groups and the user art is hilarious.

Have you ever said “I wish I had a pet that could fetch me a beer?” Have you ever wished that pet was a horse? Now we know why David drinks so much…

And finally, I have drafted up a letter that I will send to my congressman and senator, as well as Bill O’Reilly about the recent actions of the MPAA. Read it here, and give me suggestions or improvements.



  1. John says:

    First off, copywrite is really not a word, but slang that is going to become a word. Maybe it has already. It is copy right. Two words that imply the right of any one who wants to copy the original work. The idea of copy rights is flawed at its base because it is extended beyond works of fiction or works of art. You cannot copy right an idea, or even non-fiction. Both are neither original nor soley owned by any individual. That is not to say that someones book about the battle of the bulge can not be copy protected, but that the writing of a book about that story cannot be. As far as libraries go, the first municiple library on this country was founded only 150 years ago. It is Boston Pulic Library. Before this there where libraries, but they where private and not free to the public. Libraries today are not free though. Tax dollars fund them and the works housed inside are paid for and held to strict copy right standards. I guess my point is that the MPAA has more examples to aid them then to hurt them. Citing that NASA is following queues from a movie is also a little absurd. The idea of using atomic power to fend off objects hurling towards this country are not new, nor are they hollywood creations. Scientists have suggested that as the best option for decades.


  2. Bellona says:

    Maybe I’m just slow this morning but I had a hard time following what you wrote. Like I get your point but I think it is not the greatest format. And I think I would have to agree with John on the NASA issue. NASA inspired Hollywood on those ideas, not the other way around. That’s about all the ideas I have on that. 🙂


  3. Mr Frosti says:

    I updated the copyright letter to reflect muckrakers instead of Deep Impact. I knew the reference was week when I wrote it, I was just waiting for something better to strike me.


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