This will be a fairly nerd-acious post – so that is my disclaimer…

I pulled out the old laptop a few days back and have made milestones of improvement to the software loaded on the machine. I have not updated the laptop in almost 7 months, so everything was changed. It was amazing to me how “primitive” my setup of only 7 months ago was. The updates to the software are amazing – I am essentially running a new OS GUI.

I don’t know where on the timeline of all things Linux hit, or will hit the mainstream, but software is being constructed and improved as a need arises. I will check the repositories and online and a software package that fulfils a need that I have will not exist, and then the next day it is there. By comparison, nothing major has changed on my Windows box, other than security updates, in years.

At its current rate of development, I think that it will quickly become a very serious contender for the throne of Operating System King.


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