For the first time in 7 months I will be stepping back into a classroom at Clayton State. I decided not to take classes Fall semester 2004 because of my dissatistaction with Clayton State’s instructors as a whole. Maybe I will have better luck this year. And to everyone’s surprise, Kristin will be attending classes with me!

I received Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault for Christmas, and the second install disk was messed up. A funny thing happened when I exchanged it at Best Buy – I came home with a new copy only to discover that the fourth install disk was messed up. Rather than take it back for a second time, I downloaded it from http://torrentparadise.com, so there is a legal use for you MPAA bastards…

Here is wishing everyone luck this semester with academics…



  1. Bellona says:

    I feel you on the dissatisTaction.:) and just so you know they did appeal my loan so now I’m just waiting for the award.


  2. William Graves says:

    I took fall off too and go back to classes tonight. It is bittersweet. No, wait. It’s just bitter.


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