It seems that I am still stuck on this God-forsaken vacation. I looked forward all week to coming back Christmas Day and getting to see Kristin only to have the car break down on the way home. Our alternator is dead, and we have been driving off the battery since North Carolina. We made it as far as Columbia South Carolina before the fuel injection gave up.

As a small plus, at least the hotel we made it to has free high speed internet. Now if only I could maybe get home this year…

Kristin, I am sorry and I love you very much. I can’t wait to finally see you.



  1. Bellona says:

    I love you too very much and I know it wasn’t your fault but had to be pissed at something.


  2. John says:

    I wish you had given me a call. My mom had 3 extra bed rooms and we live about 40 minutes from Columbia. I’d have been more than happy to come pick ya’ll up. Sorry to hear about all the troubles. Hope you still had a great Christmas.


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