I hope you enjoy your damn postcard…

I came to work today under the impression that I would be doing the same old. Turns out we are mailing 5,000 postcards for the upcoming events here at CCSU and they needed a lackie to adhere the 5,000 labels that have the addresses to the backs of the postcards. Hours later, fighting physical exaustion, mental trama, and testing my faith to God, I completed the task set before me. And I have but one thing to say… “Damn you John. Damn you and your cool-ass ideas for the HUB.”

7 thoughts on “110073366753053680

  1. Cry me a river. You had to do some work for a change. Yes, I know coding is work, but give me a friggin break. Oh, you’ll be happy to know that I have already started on the next vendor fair cards and there will be more 🙂


  2. Hey bubba work on a production line that pumps out 8000 to 10000 uints a day on a machine that cycles ever 4 seconds and I’ll feel your pain 🙂


  3. I hear it now…Steve just said PWNED. lol..we were there with you bitch so we all feel your pain so just choose to wash it all away that night… 😉


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