Not updating in a week? I just pulled a John…

Well it seems we have a family crisis on our hands. Actually the problem is with my parents. My mother isn’t liking the idea of me moving out and left a voicemail in tears accusing me of “abandoning” the family. I just can’t see it like that. I refuse to believe that moving out of the house equates into abandonment. I am living with Kristin, and we have intentions of living our lives together, and marriage is not something you can just jump into. Imagine the divorce rate if people jumped into marriage without even having lived together prior to. I guess I will just have to warm her up, or she will be the guest at our (very distant) wedding that tackles the bride.

Maybe just some time will settle things.



  1. Bellona says:

    It seems as though we are in the same boat together. My situation is not as bad as yours because it truly is the norm for my family. I just hope your parents come around or you will just have to be used to them hating me.


  2. Brian says:

    Not always living together before marrige is a good idea. I know it seams logical right now for you. But this can some times cause more problems in a relationship tat it can improve in the long term. But as we have discused in the past your views are quite difernt than mine.


  3. William says:

    I can sympathize with your situation. I know the general idea is that parents know what’s best, but sometimes you have to do what you think you need to even if you aren’t sure it’s going to work out. Best of luck with the situation. I wish you happiness.


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