I spotted a Feng Shu music CD on the floor of Kristin’s truck. I asked if I could borrow it, she said yes, and when I opened up the case it had an Irish CD inside too. She said take that too. When I got home, my mom had bought me some Caribbean Steel Drum music.

American music sucks… I’ll take the tropical sunsets, Mountains of the Himilayians, and the rolling fields of the Irish over the Rolling Stones any day.

btw I am ripping them if anyone wants a copy.


  1. Screw the overly pickiness on the analogy. Number two I feel like I am sitting in a irish pub some where when ever we all go get lunch. Damn it I want some rock music.


  2. Today was like a homecoming when we all went out to lunch. THe Zepplin Crazed driver was back to himself. Rockin some “Boston” when we all got in. It was a happy relief, not saying I minded the other but it was getting kinda odd you had been listening to alternatives for like a week straight and was kinda getting worrisome. PLay what you like it is your car man, just was begining to wonder….


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