Call me a wuss.

I was laying in bed last night, when my dog came over and nudged me (her way of letting me know she has to go tinkle) asking to go outside. I was laying on my left side and sat up quickly to the sound of my neck going “pop” and then “crunch”. I audibly thought “Oh my god” and collapsed back into the pillow.

This morning it still hurts – bad. My dad said something about me un-aligning my neck and said it was common. I can look down, and left, but not up and right without bringing tears to my eyes.

To make it worse, I was supposed to go to Six Flags tommorrow with Kristin and prove that I was not afraid to ride all the roller coasters. I do have a fear of roller coasters, but I did want to go, however my hand has been forced now.

Pretty convienient huh? I don’t think she believes me, and I hope she doesn’t take my neck and snap it left and then right to prove her point.



  1. Bellona says:

    But I do believe you. Just because I'll be watching your every move for any slip up doesn't mean that I think you are lying. 😉


  2. William says:

    I fell on my neck when I was a little kid, and it still gives me fits. It's not something to mess with. Take it easy until you feel better.


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